by - Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hosting a Holiday Gathering While Staying Warm and Stylish

As the cooler weather sets in all around us, it's tempting to spend much of your time curled up with a good book, hot chocolate and a roasting fire. After a while, however, it will probably become obvious that having a little company to enjoy the hot chocolate and fire with wouldn't be such a bad thing. Fortunately, winter fashion makes it easy to dress comfortably while still looking great for a little holiday get together.

Invest in some comfy oversized sweaters

Nothing's more comfortable than snuggling up in a warm, oversized sweater. Fortunately, large sweaters are also in style this season. It'is probably a good idea to buy at least one sweater that can be worn as a top by itself and another that opens in the front and gets paired with another shirt. Both styles will keep you warm whether you're working at home but still want to look cute or if you're hosting a few friends for New Year's Eve. A long sweater can be paired with jeans, leggings or skirts, making it a good option for a wide range of outfit choices.

Find some thick, warm leggings

Recent fashion trends have made leggings an extremely versatile clothing item. They can still serve their traditional purpose of being worn under warm winter skirts to keep your legs comfortable and shielded from the wind, but they can also be worn with the afore-mentioned long sweaters! Of course, leggings used for this purpose should be opaque and always worn with a top that's mid-thigh length or longer, but otherwise the rules governing the use of leggings are pretty lax. A long, comfortable sweater paired with warm leggings, a scarf and some boots makes for a fun, casual yet stylish outfit perfect for cold winter days.

Get a few different winter accessories

There are some winter accessories such as certain scarves and hats that can be worn indoors or out. Take for example the fun beret-style hat. This accessory can help keep your head warm outdoors and serve as a stylish accessory throughout the day. There's also a wide variety of scarves to choose from that complement outfits while also keeping the neck warm.
Whether you're having a few people over for some holiday fun or just don't want to lose your style while working in your home, these holiday clothing options will help you stay fashionable and warm throughout the holiday season.

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