'THEN AND NOW' Fashionista's come to the rescue!

by - Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ahead of the last few festive countdowns, until the big day luxury online retailer ‘THEN AND NOW’ fashionista's are here to help. ‘THEN AND NOW’ have added a new feature too their website so you can find the perfect present when you don’t know what to get for your partner, grandmother, children, friends, and relatives.

The feature gives you live votes to help you pick the suitable present. How it works is that you click on the right hand sidebar where the tab is. Following step one you drag the image of two items you think would be suitable. Following from that it will give you a list of events the garment or accessory is suited too from formal eveningwear to a job interview. Then once you’ve clicked on the appropriate occasion and next the fashionista's get to work to give you a live vote. If you are happy with the chosen garment you’ve found your present. However if not you can ask another question.

I’ve done tried it out and my feedback is that it is a quick and simple feature to use within the website. It’s easy to drag the two images whilst, getting a more an in depth answer and to the suitable occasion for the garment or accessory. This feature saves you money plus the person is more likely to wear or keep the present.

Happy Shopping!

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