Guest Interview with Catwalk.Live TV

by - Thursday, September 12, 2013

It’s time to do the press accreditation and request show tickets. Ahead of the fashion month, I have recently have done an interview with one of my closet peer within the fashion industry. She is apart of thee most viewed website throughout fashion month within regarding finding out when are your favourite shows live streaming. I'm also happy to tell you that during the Autumn/Winter 2013  the blog will holding a collaboration with CatwalkLIVE.TV featuirng, a live scheducle of your favourite shows....

1. How do you plan ahead of fashion month schedule of shows between the original ready to wear, menswear, couture shows?

At the moment CatwalkLive.TV is focusing listing the live streams from the big four ready-to-wear womenswear shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris.
At some point I’m sure the website will extend to include other fashion weeks, such as menswear, couture and resort/cruise collections.

I want to make sure that firstly there’s enough live streams to warrant our service because if a fashion week has only a few live streams, then there’s very little benefit to compiling schedules for just a handful of shows. And once there are enough streams, I want to make sure that we have the resources to cover these fashion weeks properly and to the same standard we do for the big four.

2. What was the inspiration behind the launching of catwalk live?

The inspiration came from the fact it was so hard to trackdown what shows were live streaming and where. So many websites claim to have links to New York Fashion Week’s live streams, for example, but they always seem to be incomplete. The listings on the official site only list their livestreams, the listing on MilkMade’s website only lists shows taking place at Milk Studios – there didn’t seem to be a single place which had live streaming times for ALL the shows for ALL four fashion weeks.

  I thought it important that people also have the ability tobe reminded of shows, and Twitter seemed to be the best tool to do this. People get reminders just before, and as each show starts.

  I hope CatwalkLive.TV will become the only website people need to visit for their fashion week live streaming schedules, as nowhere else has complete listings for any of the big four fashion weeks.

3. Congratulations on the new addition of the mobile format for smart phones for the website. By having this app in place what aspects will be available, for the user of the app?

The mobile website,, is effortless in its simplicity and includes a colour-coded calendar with listings for every day of fashion month. At a glance, users will be able to see what shows are live streaming, and where. Like our main website, shows are listed next to four different time zones, and it makes it easy to see whether you need to rush back for your favourite show, or whether you have time to spare.

4.  During the fashion month between New YorkParis I know that you several shows being live streamed. How do you map out which shows to stream and what type of shows to do? Do you have any particular layout plan of how you live stream the show?

It’s important to note that CatwalkLive.TV is a listings website, and doesn’t live stream any shows.

It’s similar to a TV listings website where we list what’s showing, and point people in the right direction. To do this we sift hundreds of designer websites, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, forums, fashion week websites and more, make sense of the information we gather, and publish it in a clear, concise way.

We normally publish the live streaming schedules in the week running up to the fashion week, but because details change right up until the day of the show, we’re constantly updating them.

Fortunately Paris is starting to realise that live streaming is important. I think last season was a watershed season for Paris in that so many big designers finally got over the stigma of live streaming their shows.

5. What is like to be apart of this platform of the front row through streaming and getting information from all different handles such as twitter, Facebook, or tumblr?

Honestly, it can be frustrating! I’m hoping there will be a stage where the schedules are sent to us by the websites hosting live streams, websites such as, Milkmade and Vogue. But until that happens, we have to do a lot of digging.

Unfortunately very few websites reply to our emails or tweets, so like you say, our reliance is on searching Facebook, Twitter and visiting the websites of every single designer – we visit over 1,000 websites and Facebook pages throughout fashion month to try and establish who’s livestreaming and where.

6. Do you ever get a feeling of a fashion moment, whilst being apart Catwalk live?

I do, but only thanks to the live streams I watch with so many other people, and the fact people can now discuss this real-time on Twitter.

I think live streams are really important in that they make fashion week accessible to so many people. I would hate to see live streams become a substitute for the real thing, but I think live streams give everybody a front seat view without making fashion month less credible as being an opportunity for designers to promote their collections to buyers and editors.

7. Who is your favourite designer?

There’s a question! Alexander McQueen was a visionary, an done of my favourite designers. Sarah Burton has guided the label with a certain amount of prowess since his passing, but fall/winter 2012/13 was a massive disappointment to me.

Haider Ackermann is a very exciting designer to me. His use of colour, cuts, structures and silhouettes are mesmerising – every season he sticks with his strong aesthetic while bringing something new to the table.

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