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 Afternoon too you all!
It’s the first day back to work for everyone after the festive period. Whilst today myself is feeling out of the ordinary as my fingers reflect the fact I’ve not touched a key board in while, hence the fumbling fingers which type this post. To start of the New Year I thought I would share with you one refreshing designers collections for this spring/summer.

Katherine Harrison spring/summer 2013 collections amongst refreshing I must say, due to the collection being inspired by the beauty & extravagance of period costume and a passion for contemporary tailoring. This feminine collection is the third collection of the label since launching back in 2011. Since launching this label of timeless silhouettes to the charming of a certain period Harrison spring/summer collection features thirteen looks reflecting natural landscapes, organic agriculture, the natural world, and communication through geometry.

Whilst her signature label is founded on environmental principles using organic cotton and natural silks and all garments are made and hand finished in the UK.

Harrison comments “Our view is that much of the joy of making clothing has been lost in the process of modern manufacturing. By putting the spotlight on traditional craftsmanship, we hope to regain some of the respect lost for the high level of skills involved in making beautiful clothes”

Firstly the collection starts off with the closet staple of Harlequin stirrup trousers whilst, reflecting the natural of a cloud through the shaping of the top of half by a Pomegranate Cloud top which both garments have embellished through panelling of patchwork, little button work, and embroidery embellishment. Again the second look of the collection features the same combination however, with mixture of colour palette from the top half. Geometry of colour comes from the Pentagram top with its colour palette of baby pink, white, gold, and black in luxury silk.

Dressers come in the simple blocked colour palette of deep ruby pinks, rapeseed yellow and mossy greens. The dressers have their own detailing from the white dressers being Pomegranate Pleated due to the embroidery work at the front, whilst showing off cutaway at the back of the dress amongst the folding of the skirt. Meanwhile this is said for one white dress the other comes in a classic silhouette whilst, having the top half like a cape and the body of the dress having a more detailed embroidery work.  

Classic Black dress comes in chiffon whilst being floor length and having the detail of circles down the side panelling of the dress. Harrison’s yummy rapeseed dress comes in all pleated whilst giving you a low back cut and more beautiful embroidery work. Following from the Pomegranate Cloud top this garment has been transformed into a yummy Pomegranate Cloud dress, giving out cute little buttons and more of Harrison’s beautiful embroidery work.

Tops ‘n’ Trousers, shorts all staples within your closets ladies! Harrison features these in her collection to give you a more elegant daywear.  The shorts come within the colour palette of mustard whilst, the Pentagram Button tee features some cute little buttons. A more relaxed look comes from Harrisons spring/summer collection through white cloud playsuits, soft oversized kimono shaped coats and jackets made using a specially woven fabric design.

Overall it’s a naturally beautiful collection for this spring/summer.
Step into Katharine Harrison World:

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