Travel Edit: Punting upon Cambridge Waters

by - Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Upon the water we found ourselves punting down the water ways whilst, the summer sunshine shone from above amongst the buildings and universities. I remember how well the students who were guiding the tour and the little boats upon the waters. (These students were studying within these extraordinary universities within Cambridge.) Were remembering the tour guide script to the water ways and the colleges we past.

Whilst the humour of the beginners and the rest of the public were punting down the waters too, I felt in love with how it was so dreamy like due to the beautiful sunny weather and the breeze from the waters amongst my large sunglasses. (Trying to hide from the suns raise).

However a part from that it was such a good afternoon to take upon because, of how you got to see more of the beautiful architecture Cambridge has whilst parting from dry land and out onto the water ways.  It’s the best way to enjoy a part of classic British Summer.

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