Travel Edit: Out of the city into the Countryside

by - Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It’s been a busy week for myself from making sure the live streaming is working perfectly  for you guys from London Fashion Week to making sure reviews are up whilst, adding the style team posts up amongst juggling my new job which adds to my freelance/ blogger CV.

Since London fashion week has finished and I have nothing planned for Milan or Paris fashion week however, I might just add in one or two style team members to cover their style over the waters.

I have decide to take a break from all things fashion month so I can concentrate on the other projects which are coming in March which includes something exciting with Jack Wills. For that break I headed with my family members and Bobbi the dog to Hollingsworth Lake. Which was so peaceful and relaxing without getting up or to bed at a ridiculous time amongst, no urban noises just the water and beautiful scenery.

We all hopped into the car and drove into the hills which go across some of Yorkshire’s natural landscapes and views Bobbi was well behaved and was very happy to me amongst, having a straight of his little legs (bless).  Heading to Hollingsworth lake was peaceful without tracking the time. From jumping out of the car Bobbi’s little legs were off walking along the pathways which was beside the lake. Calmness upon the waters to getting to catch up with family member’s halfway way around my brother opted for an ice cream. (I don’t know why it was a bit chilly/sunny)

I was wrapped in my Barbour jacket, pink converse, Jack Wills grey marl jumper, pink scarf and finally the accessory was my Mulberry clutch bag with chain. If you can find my gloves I would like to have them back too. Anyways from the public walking with their dogs, partners, to children and family members I was relaxed and at home.  Halfway around the lake there is little café which sells yummy cookies to mocha’s. A warming moment came as we sat out on the banking and drank coffees amongst Bobbi refreshing himself with his water.

The sunshine was beautiful making a view not to be missed as we sat for a moment before heading off to finish the walk around the lake which leads me, to notice such beautiful properties which had just been built across from the lake. They had glass panels to make up the windows and doors of the back of the houses which had excellent view of the lake. (Would not mind to move in there myself). As we return to the car park we stopped by an arcade full of penny or two pence slot machines which added to a bit of fun and competiveness amongst me and my brother.  The idea is that we see who can win back the most pennies put into the machine, the looser is the one who has spent all their two pence coins first and has not got anything back.

As for Bobbi he was laid out and asleep by the time we got home however, he enjoyed himself meeting other dogs and people as we went around the lake. It was nice to be back in my usual setting without having to the deal with over drive hanging everywhere.  (Although I do enjoy what I do however, it’s just nice to take a break from it all)

Hope you enjoyed the London Fashion Week coverage!

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