You Can Wear White All Year Round With These Guidelines

by - Saturday, May 13, 2017

As a little girl, I wasn't allowed to wear white before Memorial Day. That meant I wore black patent leather shoes and colored dresses for Easter. No white shoes or dresses for me! Those rules seem so old-fashioned now, but my mom and Grandma refused to budge. In fact, I still hear their stern warnings in my mind every time I think about wearing my white jeans in March. So what are the rules today?

Traditionally, women wore white only in the summertime.
  • The color doesn’t hold heat. Women stayed cooler and more comfortable under the hot summer sun when they wore white rather than dark clothes.
  • Societal ladies wore white during their summer vacations in the country. Switching their wardrobes from dull, urban colors to white, airy clothing indicated status and worth.
  • Middle class women in the 1950s needed rules as they navigated changing trends and styles. Wearing white between Memorial Day and Labor Day was an accepted fashion rule everyone followed without exception.
Our moms and grandmas followed these traditions, but it’s time to break free!
Here are a few ways you can rock white and stay stylish.

1. Wear the right white fabrics.
When you wear white, choose heavier, more structured fabrics. Thin, sheer or silk white fabrics show all the bumps, bulges and cellulite we try so hard to conceal. They may also reveal more skin than you'd normally show in public.
While you’re at it, don’t wear your whites too tight. Show off your toned and sleek body at the gym or in the privacy of your home instead of at the office or during social events.

2. Wear nude undergarments.
You feel sexy in your colored bras and undies, but everyone can see those colors under your white clothes. Even white undergarments show through. Instead, choose nude-colored undergarments in a shade close to your skin tone. They’re practically invisible under your white pants, shorts, shirt or dress. You'll stay modest and won’t risk embarrassment.

3. Wear colored accessories.
Do you want to rock that white shirt or even wear head-to-toe white? Add color with accessories. Headbands, earrings,bracelets  or shoes provide splashes of color no matter how much or little white you choose to wear.

4. Wear white with caution.
While wearing black, brown or navy, you can conceal stains and smudges pretty easily. In white, every speck of dirt shows. Watch where you sit, use a napkin and invest in a good stain remover and laundry detergent that keep all your whites clean!

5. Wear white year-round.
The rules have changed now. Wear white at any time of year! But if you’re still hesitant to rock this snowy hue in the winter, choose variations on the shade. An eggshell pant or ecru shirt can match more traditional winter colors like burgundy, green or navy. And there’s always the classic combo of black and white, perfect for any occasion.
Do you have a favorite white outfit? Pull it out of the closet right now—I know I’ll be rocking my white sandals and dress for Easter this year!

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