Cut-Out is In: 4 Figure-Flattering Ways to Style This Spring Trend

by - Friday, March 08, 2013

Although the new cut-out fashion trend seems to be designed for gym rats with tight, toned bods, the style can actually be more forgiving and flattering than you think. The best part about cut-out fashion is that you can choose the style that shows off your favorite body parts, while keeping your "work-on-it" areas strategically hidden. To take advantage of this trend no matter what your shape, check out the following tips for rocking this style during special occasions and beyond.

Bring Sexy Back

If your backside is your best asset, show it off by choosing tops and dresses with low-cut or cut-out backs. This can be something as simple and conservative as a heart-shaped cut-out on your upper back to an ultra-low cut reaching to the small of your back. Play it off with a more conservative front by looking for longer sleeves and a higher cut to maintain a good balance. Of course, heels are a must-have for backless cuts, since nothing gives your backside that ideal shape quite like a good pair of pumps.

Trim Your Tummy

Were you blessed with toned abs and a tiny waistline? You can emphasize that hourglass figure with side or middle cut-outs to flaunt your marvelous mid-section. Triangle-shaped cuts are best for trimming your sides and drawing attention to this slimmer part of your frame. A sophisticated, knee-length cut can be adaptable to the office with a fashionable blazer, which you can remove for post-work happy hour.

Go Bolder with Your Shoulders

Flaunt those feminine shoulders and give basic tops a sexy touch with shoulder cut-outs, which can actually create a curvier frame by emphasizing the broadest part of your body. By comparison, this emphasis automatically makes your middle appear slimmer to create a flattering form. Tops with shoulder cut-outs pair best with retro maxi skirts and neon belts for a splash of color. Keep it simple and avoid prints when rocking this style to make sure your shoulders maintain the spotlight.

Shine in Smaller Slits

Not feeling any of these major cut-out styles? Don't worry! You can still get in on this fun trend with smaller slits, which are much less revealing. For example, several dress styles feature alternating triangle cut-outs along the neckline to show a hint of skin without having to hit the gym. Subtle peek-a-boo cut-outs on the upper torso and upper back can also be safe styles that are just edgy enough.

The same way you customize this cut-out look, make sure to customize with accessories as well. Colorful stretch bracelets are a fun choice for touches of color that won't slide down your arms like bangles. Chokers can have a similar effect, while adding to the edginess of cut-out clothing.
Remember to choose your accessories according to your clothing style. For example, if you chose a conservative front with a low-cut back, a sparkling statement necklace can be the key for filling the blank space in the front. In general, shoot for neutral colors when choosing cut-out clothing to keep your options open for accessorizing.

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