Event of the Month: David Bowie Exhibition

by - Thursday, March 21, 2013

As of this Saturday 23rd March 2013 David Bowie exhibition at The Victoria and Albert Museum is set to open to the public. (Make sure you book your tickets!)  This exciting exhibition within the museum showcases Bowie’s archives.

The showcase is split into the main categories which have made up Bowie’s career and life. A Stylish Standout comes into the exhibition through Bowie’s style which is portrayed through, his costumes reflecting his stage life and mind of musical genius. Whilst the exhibition takes the visitors back to Bowie’s childhood within London amongst displacing various songs which mark recognisable stages within Bowie’s life. The exhibition brings written communication through a diary style which features his best-known songs, to paintings, music scores, filmed interviews, his instruments and portraits of the men and women who influenced him. Whilst giving out Bowie’s personal drawings.

 This musical stylish tribute to Bowie’s career and life took three years to put together to make this tribute to a legend. You can visit this exhibition from this Saturday 23rd March 2013 to 11th August 2013.  Make sure you book here amongst finding out more in a click.

“ I hope people come away feeling inspired to do whatever they want to do - to take what he's done and make it their own," said Johnson. "That's traditionally what has always happened with Bowie. His playfulness makes people want to play. He paved the way for 3-D experiences - he was about sound and vision. He was a true original." - Assistant curator Kathryn Johnson

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