Travel Edit: Bank Hoilday Breeze to the Beach

by - Monday, May 06, 2013

To celebrate the long weekend.. Myself and my family members headed back to the beach ( like always) just in time to come home for Bank Holiday Monday, to celebrate my cousins 18th Birthday!
Well here it goes a re-post about our families tradition trip to the beach.. Enjoy!

Scarbrough Beach
Yesterday was quite a bank holiday to be wind wept away because, a bank holiday in the UK is know for its rainy element I must say. Well you may think heading to the beach was quite an acceptation, for some beautiful summery weather.

  Well you say it was mild within temperature which was heaven however, the weather turn windy and rainy whilst we travel amongst the winding coastal roads to head to the beach. (Thank goodness I brought my Abercrombie & Fitch hoody) although it became a must have as the wind turn up.

 Whilst enjoying a break away from the fashion world and phone it was a day were I could change pounds to pennies and pop them in a slot machine. During the moment of being wafted into the yummy smell of homemade doughnuts…

They are a must have being at the beach with a latte to go!

  We never got the chance to hit the beach due to the dry, showery, but sunny weather but at least I could see well thanks to the sea air.

  During our little beach bank holiday we stopped at one of families most visited place, upon the East Coast which is Filey because as a family tradition we have been coming with the siblings here since I was a little one. This is because, my uncle has a little holiday house in Filey which is within a family heritage along with a chalet.

   Walking up down beside the sea was yet a gain to be apart of the family tradition, which has always been apart of us. Which is to have a fish & chip tea at Ingham’s...

  I don’t why but every time I have come through my childhood this has always been the place for fish & chip supper or lunch, takeaway or eating in.

However its great family environment and it’s just easier to feed those hungry tummies.

  As it was getting late it was time to head back into the car and on our way through the coastal roads, to home amongst the classic songs of the 90’s, 80’s to the present day music coming through the Iphone.

I must say it was nice to get away from the mod cons and take a breeze out ahead of the fashion month which starts a week today.

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