Are you a Band/Singer near or based in Halifax? Jack Wills Halifax Wants You to Get In Touch..

by - Saturday, August 03, 2013

* Event has now finished* It’s nearly Jack Wills Halifax’s 1st Birthday!
Before we all start celebrating the stores first year from opening,
There is a lot to do in planning ahead of the event.
Bands/Singers this where you come in!

This is the 2nd time 'The Kriptons' played in store at Jack Wills Halifax.
Do you want you play in store?

Jack Wills Halifax are looking for local musicians who have their own band, or are  singers  who are near or is based in Halifax to come and play during the stores birthday party.
The birthday party will be held on the 17-18th of August 2013.
If you want to play at Jack Wills Halifax during the birthday party please get in touch by
Not long now so please get in touch ASAP!
 Thank You.

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