EJM Travels: On Holiday in Tunisia

by - Monday, August 19, 2013

You maybe all wondering where I’ve been over the past two weeks since, there has not been an update on the blog for a while. Well as people do say ‘August is fashions month off’ which is true. I and family have been enjoying the clear waters, white beaches, and sun kissed tanning sun in Tunisia over the past two weeks.

From flying out to landing in the land of heat to relaxing by the beach or pool it was something I've been waiting for since, things around here just needed a refresh and re-battery charge.
After a couple of days of lounging around the pool and soaking up the sun on the beach we went in for the early haul of getting up early to travel to three significant cities in Tunisia.

 Starting off with the Ampere Theatre which was built by the Romans when they invaded a certain parts of Tunisia which left a beautiful heritage of a theatre which, was also where the film ‘Gladiators’ filmed scenes using parts and levels of the theatre. Once at the top row the view downwards and onwards is so beautiful!

After another hop on the coach which was well air-conned and comfortable we also visited a  mosque where, we had a cover heads in beautiful bright coloured blocked scarves and a cream kaftan. The building  was so well decorated which created such a beautiful scenery against the sunshine.  Following from that visited a Tomb of the first president of Tunisia which again was very well decorated in traditional patterns of tiles etc.

    Even after getting back to the hotel it carried the extension of decoration from patterns carved in wood, tiles, chandeliers, to carpets in the reception and the dining room. The hotel was very clean whilst having its own spa, indoor pool, two outdoor pools, buffet dinning room, French restaurant and Jardian restaurant (where they did beautiful meats with vegetables. You cannot forget the crepes which were an art form due to the chef’s way of making them. As well as the material things within the hotel the rooms were cleaned every single day.

   Overall it was the perfect vacational two weeks I’ve spent in ages without having to book or worry about a thing.

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