Moving Forward... Revamp and Refresh.. Help Wanted

by - Saturday, November 09, 2013

A Career Moment from Burberry...

“ Moving Forward” mmm sounds daunting/ exciting about the coming year which will be soon on its way since were in November yet, for myself it’s the chance to stop and think about this very platform which has been around since 2010 or a brand as a whole (2009).

On that note myself is looking to refresh and revamp my blogging strategy  since, over the past years from starting this up whole ‘EJMfashion’ presence with the mission of ‘ Expressing emerging talent’ I’ve found that the blog needs some TLC. Personally my schedule equals a college girl’s lifestyle of wake up, study/socialize, slot in time for blogging and part time job as well. This platform has been my goal to build in terms of being my own boss and using my talent of putting words together to express other people’s talent as well as my own within fashion.  

Yet I want to move forward with this goal of this platform just like my logo at the top since, ever putting my pen to paper and investing in equipment etc. That’s why I’m pitching to you for some help because I’m looking for a web designer (who has used blogger), Contributors who are willing to represent the blog at press days to shows etc, and finally a virtual assistant who can help me work on getting us on the black books of other brands/stores the blog as not worked with yet. 

If you think you are a whizz at web development of building a good template or wanting your voice to be heard please contact myself here.  See who I've worked with over the past years...

Thank you for your time to read this.

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