Eventful Job period , Parties, Summer is here!, Couture of Course

by - Sunday, July 20, 2014

My goodness me it’s a while since I’ve blogged on here for a while.

Well over the past months or so myself has finished first year of A levels for the summer however, in other areas I’ve been away busy building up my CV for my future career in administration/ business position throughout a short period of work experience.  In the areas under administration (receptionist, meeting and greeting visitors, other administration jobs) as well as being within, the finance department holding the activities of dealing with clients invoices and accounts.
Following up moving into Leeds for the period of my work experience at the company I was positioned at which, I gained a lot within the role of the type of job/career I would like to continue into once I’ve finished my relevant studies.  It was a pleasure to work the colleagues I overshadowed and work with over the short period of time at the company. 

On family relations it’s my grandfather’s 80th birthday this Wednesday coming up however, to get the celebrations start they was a family get together but despite the weather classically British weather of rain it was a lovely summer celebration to start his birthday.

From work to family on a fashion industry note it’s the start of Christmas Press Days amongst the couture shows which posts will be run shortly when I finish un-packing from spending a weekend with friends and my J too. 

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