Don We Now Our Gray Apparel: 3 Ways to Jazz Up This Classic Transitional Shade

by - Monday, October 06, 2014

Gray is one of those colors we turn to on gloomy days when we don't really care how we look, but this classic color has so much more potential than your shabby sweatpants suggest. Believe it or not, gray can actually be a classy fashion choice when styled the right way. As you transition from your darker winter wardrobe to your spring pastels, gray can be the perfect in-between color to rely on when the weather is not quite cold, but not yet warm. To get your grays looking great, apply the following fashion tips to your next in-between-seasons outfit.

1. Accessorize

Got a collection of flashy accessories just gathering dust in your jewelry box? You can finally bust them out without going overboard by pairing up with some simple and sophisticated gray pieces. A soft gray sweater looks fabulous underneath a bold statement necklace, and an office-friendly gray dress or pencil skirt creates the perfect contrast for wild animal print accents like belts, shoes and scarves. Hair accessories like sleek headbands and bows can also create a preppy, sophisticated look.

2. Make it Sparkle

Although accessories can be an effective fashion choice for adding sparkle and shine, you can skip the jewelry box and incorporate this glittery touch right into your outfit. Embellished collars are hot on the fashion scene right now, and they can transform any basic button-up into a high-fashion masterpiece. Since the weather hasn't quite warmed up just yet, you can wait out these last few chilly days in luxurious comfort with Ugg's new collection of sequined boots. This collection features several gray and silver styles, which are sure to match pretty much everything you own and give each outfit a little hint of personality.

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3. Choose Patterns and Textures

Color is just one element of your outfit; there's also pattern, texture, cut, embellishment and a whole long list of other factors that go into creating each piece. If gray alone doesn't seem to be as exciting or interesting as you'd like it to be, try maximizing on these other elements by choosing edgy cuts, patterns and textures. An ultra-low cut blouse transforms any bland gray hue into a foxy fashion statement, while a gray polka-dotted skirt gives your outfit a cute, flirty vibe. Be sure to experiment with different fabrics and textures as well, including sexy sheer chiffon, laid-back mesh and cozy cashmere.

Although gray might not be the first color you gravitate toward, the latest trends have shown that this color is essential for a complete wardrobe. The chilly weather and sporadic snowfalls aren't quite ready for your vibrant neon pieces just yet, but wearing black gets tiring after a few months. This is where gray comes in as the perfect transitional color to get your wardrobe ready for warm days ahead without sacrificing the spunky, cutting-edge style you're known for.

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