Monday Music: Anna by Will Butler

by - Monday, March 16, 2015

This song in particular allows me to be amused in the quietness, timings when and you don’t want a tune or song in your head. This song by the Arcade Fire band member Will Butler, Anna is one song which allows you to question about money of how and what we can do to get it whilst, allowing growth in our lives from the actions and achieving launching into our dreams amongst facing reality. This song ticks all the boxes a parent would want to guide their own child through the various steps of life as you grow up and adult hood too.

Following from this song it is one which was introduced by my good man due to his love of Arcade Fire and Will Butler which he has within his vinyl collection. This song personally too me is one which I can tap, sing along with within the instrumental and throughout the main parts of the song which I cannot get out of my head! So I do sent my apologises if you cannot get this song and tune out of your head. Well at least it’ll get rid of the Monday blues…. 

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