Masato's Latest Bank Holiday Fund Rasier Project: Kids Company

by - Friday, May 22, 2015

Ever since I got into the idea of showcasing emerging talent on the blog fashion designer and co-founder of ‘Masato London’ Masato and the team have been on my watchful eye.  My finger tips on twitter to my keyboard have been championing the emerging creative talent collectively which comes to create such a brand ever since.  (You can find out about Masato and the work the label has done here).

As annually as ever Masato personally likes to carry out his own charity fundraising which happens on Bank Holiday to give something back to his community. 
This year’s Bank Holiday fundraiser is going to the Kids Company which is a charity which is desperately in need for funding due to them closing the charity due to the lack of it. They help 36,000 children in the cities of Bristol, Liverpool and London. . So here’s the chance to change that from happening Masato will be donating £5 of each item on the charity page they will be presenting this until midnight 25th May 2015. Here’s to making that important change for those children who need the help and support Kids Company provide.

 Check out the brand as a whole:

  Tweet: @masatostudio

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