Let's Talk about Body Confidence: How to be comfortable in your own skin with when it comes to Lingerie with Adore Me

by - Monday, February 13, 2017

Being comfortable in your own skin is the most important for you whether that’s in clothes, loungewear, and especially in lingerie or plus lingerie. 

Have I set alarm bells ringing with the last two words of that sentence ‘Loungewear’ and ‘Lingerie’? If I have, I want to know why.

Ladies you should not have to worry about wearing either Loungewear or lingerie because, Adore Me has come up with a way of meeting sure you feel comfortable in either of these items of clothing. The design team is headed by former Victoria’s Secret Helen Mears which has addressed this topic in allowing you too have a personalised experience.

"As a designer, my goal is always to create lingerie that makes women feel sexy without sacrificing comfort. Great lingerie should almost feel like an extension of yourself — it should suit your personality and give you that extra boost of confidence.”
 The important of choosing the right lingerie for you is that its sets the foundations of your outfit you want to wear. If you feel good to start with you have a clear positive mind set of wearing any type of clothing. The amount of times I have shopped with female friends or family members they always question the size or style of the item. This is down to insecure and not understanding their body shape’s need.

Break in south of France 
I was asked by the member of the Adore Me team asked me: How do you stay chic, comfortable and confident throughout the year while getting enough beauty sleep?”
In reply to the question: “It isn’t about buying the low fat products in the supermarkets. Which I hate by the way. It’s about shopping for you with having certain foods in moderation whilst adding what exercise you like to do. On top of that please don’t calorie count. (You don’t need to do it). I’m going to be honest I just walk everywhere; I hate going too the gym. I fancy going to a class its about dance. (I used to go to stage school). 

Lovely night out with my other half 
How I stay chic by buying the things, I like and fits in with my lifestyle there and then not buying into things due too pressure of wearing things just because other people are wearing it. I love going shopping or doing anything with my other half. If I want to try something new its up to me which ends up with being taught a lesson that its not for me, a lesson of knowledge, or finding a confident choice which I keep wearing again and again. 

I drink Tea too, eat chocolate. 
This thought process is a skill I have throughout my work and life balance. 
 I download apps which I enter my plans for the week, health, and anything else I need for me so I can just dot anything down. (This is so I am organised). 

Confidence is a personal thing you learn yourself but I find it by networking and asking open questions if I don’t feel confident or self learn something yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others! During the year I take a break by either having my hair cut, spa treatments in my local town, travelling and yet I just plan out my day so I can fit what I need to do. Sleep is important to me but I just go to bed when I feel tired. Your body is not clock. Overall you have to do things for you otherwise you won’t get any time for you. So ensure you have a work and life balance. Do things you want to do for yourself or with friends and family.”

Here are some points you should start off with when it comes too your lingerie top draw when starting fresh (this is the type of options I choose too)

  •              Throw out old Bras and underwear
  •             Get fitted properly in terms of your bra and size (go and see your local tailor or either choose one shop you would normally buy your bras from because there are many styles and fits out there which makes it complicated.
  •             Buy the right bra for the right item of clothing: (e.g. seamless for T-shirts and knitwear items, if you want to wear lace lingerie either wear it under loose fitting garments or keep it for the bedroom).
  •              Colour buy into the two packs of the classic colour choose of nude, black, and white. Other colours should be matched with the same colour of top or dress you are wearing.
  •              For briefs or knickers buy the right size according too the store size guide according to the shop you mostly buy your briefs from. It’ll be an easier to shop and you’ll be true to yourself. Which is the most important on building your confidence.
  •             Wash your lingerie according too the care label either hand washing them or on the most delicate cycle of your washing machine but keep them in their own bag if you are washing your lingerie this way.
  •             If you have a partner let him on about your lingerie wear choices because, from my finding from my own half if you buy that special set of lingerie for the bedroom it has its confidence rewards too for you and your wellbeing too.

Adore Me allows you to have a personalised experience in which enables to you take up the style quiz in which questions you about the style, how much support you need from your bra, your cup size, and finally will match your response from your answers to lingerie in the style and material which is right for you. By knowing this too their selection of swimwear, corsets, and sleepwear is also included from the results which helps you feel more comfortable when you want just relax without having to wear your everyday clothes. I have think this a great website option to you because, their prices are cutting out the middleman of having a store therefore their prices and membership is pretty fair for what you want from shopping for the area you want to have inner confidence in. See more here about the way the company works here.

At the end of the day Ladies its about you living life to the full and feeling confident about your body and what you wear regardless of the occasion. Adore Me is the starting tool which will help you to find your inner confidence with your top draw and wearing sleepwear around the house. It is not about comparing yourself too magazine photographers or lifestyle you see in magazines or on the TV. It’s all about you.

Find your new top draw here: http://www.adoreme.com
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